Sunday, May 29, 2011

Skinny Jeans... Friend or Foe?

Skinny jeans are not going away, as we know from the advent of jeggings and knee high boots (which skinnies fit into perfectly).

But who really benefits from skinny jeans besides companies that make jeans? I was traveling abroad recently, and saw that most of the skinny wearers were people (not just women) in their teens and twenties. The older crowd was more diverse, rocking anything from flare jeans to tights with skirts to straight jeans (mostly women in their fifties and sixties).

So is wearing the style of skinny jeans based on age or some other variable? I can't decide.

When I first tried on a pair in the department store, I felt like my calves were choking (as I was a previous bootcut fan). I did a trial run via Target, because $29 doesn't seem like too much of an investment for a particular style of jeans.

Now all of my jeans are skinny style, although they may not be the most flattering for my curvy shape. (When asked), my husband said they "looked young," motivating me to revamp my wardrobe entirely. The issue is that I can't tell if I like the idea of skinny, or if the jeans really flatter my assets. I've read that skinnies are made for straight bodies, to emulate rock stars and such. Conversely, I've read that bootcut are "better balanced" for work and curvy statures. Have I made a mistake?

Who knows? I trust my husband more than sales or magazine ads. :)