Friday, November 4, 2011

Welcome back to Turbo Walking! And name changing

Since I've been married, I decided to change my last name. According to one study, over 50% of Americans in 2011 still think that women should change to their husband's last name. Obviously they didn't ask me, celebrities, or anyone with academic publications.  Having grown up as a Gen Y person, I don't necessarily believe that one needs to adopt their husband's name, I just thought it was beneficial to change on a couple of levels.

For example, I got the chance to move up in the alphabet. If you were ever in public schools, you know that order mainly depends on last names, and rarely on height (which, if the case, I would always be first in line). Second, I have no ties to my maiden name. The W family, who have caused me more stress than joy, are not representative of my personal philosophies.

But I'm beginning to see a lot of career women not take their husband's names, for a variety of reasons. Publications, reports, and general identity of being a good worker go down the drain with the maiden name, should one choose to change it (especially once your reputation is established). People like Lady Gaga, Cher, and Madonna totally avoid this scenario by not having a last name. Even if Julia Roberts were to marry her child's father, I doubt she'd take his name.

So with the new name came a new email. With a new email, I decided to change websites. Because the Google email address cannot be decoupled from the blog, it was becoming a pain to log out-log in-log out to type something up for you guys, check the stats, or whatnot.