Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things I Don't Know How to Do at Age 30

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I'm not expecting to know everything, but I'm becoming more aware of things that I don't know, for instance:

  • How to sew - But maybe I can fix this once I take some classes, buy a sewing machine, and buy a house that would fit a sewing machine. I'll consider my first scrunchie a success.
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  • How to cook things that smell good. I'm ok with baking, especially cupcakes that have multiple layers of candy like this...
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  • Layer clothes and jewelry. My general philosophy is if you have to put something on top of something else, then that first thing wasn't that great in the first place. Like Ritz Crackers and Peanut Butter. No faith in the product itself. Imagine layering shoes for example.
  • Effectively use a pistol in a first person shooter. I guess the same goes for real life, but watch out when you see me with a Nerf gun.
  • Draw. This is a function of pure non-interestedness. Drawing well takes time to figure out, which I would rather be playing a first person shooter (with an assault rifle) or hanging out laughing with my husband.
  • Wearing long nails or nail polish on my fingers. The closest I came was using Sally Hansen's Salon Effects, which are essentially stickers for your fingernails. 
  • Troubleshoot the router. If the internet goes down, I take a nap. If it's still down, I'll go shopping until it's back on.
  • Fast rap. However, I can fast type took about 30 seconds to type this blog post.
  • Remember how long we've been dating. Next year I might think it's six or seven years, which was my answer this year.
  • Properly enjoy free time. I think you get good with free time when you have a LOT of it, which I don't compared to some. My Pintrest isn't that great, and my Facebook updates aren't much more than philosophical opinions. Anyone who talks about the hamdogger is a low-level free time spender.
What am I good at? Not much. Right now I'm half way decent at packing, only because this will be my 14th move (I pretend the stuff in boxes is like a game of Tetris).

I know being good at something isn't a function of how old you are, but hopefully in 5 years I'll be better at stuff than I am today.