Saturday, January 12, 2013

Incredible Luxuries: Poetry and Procrastination

I have a serious love-hate relationship with poetry. Like art, poetry can be unpleasing to multiple senses and emotions. Whenever I read someone else's poetry, I try to go in openminded, but the memories of particularly bad poetry conceive a reaction not unlike being in a crowded Walmart. 

People who encompass the intersection of good writing and expression are pre-approved (by me) to publish poetry. Wielding the written word awkwardly can leave the reader disjointed at best and contending with a visceral reaction at worst. It's apparent with pop songs and current marketing (i.e. modern poetry written for money) there is blatant avoidance of one or more of these attributes.* Since shit gets purchased all the time, my argument really has no gravity. No matter.

So that I'm not a complete jerkface, I offer some haikus I wrote in 2002 to justify the last ten minutes you spent reading this post. 

Another late night for me.
The screen is my Light.

Theory is so good.
Predictions can come true with

You know what to do.
The problem is you're bored.
Stop wasting time!

*Taylor Swift's brand probably has this process down to a precise formula.