Friday, April 8, 2011

Lazy Liz

There's an internet meme going around called, "Bachelor Frog." See below for reference:
Photo courtesy:

This is me, and I would like to refer to myself as Lazy Liz whenever I take a shortcut.  Here would be my input, for example:
Forcing flip flops over socks to get mail.
Making peanut butter-icing sandwiches. (not that great by the way).
No clean socks? Buy more.
Caffeine = sleep.
Sniff test jeans.
I'm sure our carpet was off-white.
Making the bed takes away from something important, like hair styling.
I ate your leftovers.
What's the difference between shampoo and body wash?
Latte's are coffee all dollied up at the milk station. Seriously!

Anyway, we all take shortcuts and don't do the things we think are ideal. Ahh :)