Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ruckers: Brick and Telephone Pole Caddies

Yesterday I learned about GoRuck, where groups of regular people who themselves through hellish tasks like carrying bricks for miles. The activities are based on Special Forces training and experiences. Teams of folks are led by one cadre, and must endure anywhere from 4 - 24 hours of unending push ups, buddy carrying, and crawling through the Atlantic in December. It sounds like ultra-marathoning, but with lots of weights and people. 

A colleague described his recent GoRuck experience, which involved hauling a telephone pole uphill, as bruise-inducing, and amazing. The goal was to get the job done (teamwork!) versus doing it in a specific time. Through Google, I found that a normal telephone pole weighs approximately 1200 pounds. I also discovered that people pay anywhere from $60-$350 for such an experience. As I was listening, I couldn't wrap my head around it. Why would extreme physical activity be enjoyable? I'd break 20 minutes in with a nap or cookie request.

These types of conversations make me wish I were made of harder stuff – the endurance piece alone sounds intimidating. I can barely function in a 65 degree room for more than a few hours. It makes me realize how different people are built, because I prefer the benefits of mental understimulation (meditation and sleep mainly).  

I’m more likely to stop and smell the roses when I focus on relaxing my mind, which doesn't involved log-carrying. We’re all trying to come to the same point though, which is feeling exhilarated, a sense of togetherness, and proving something to yourself. It’s the stuff of happiness.