Friday, January 21, 2011

Have you ladies seen  It's a Google sponsored website for ladies fashion.  I know, I know, I'm usually too cheap to buy stuff like nice clothes. But they find items for you (on sale) based on your favorite brands, cuts, and colors.  They also note your "hates," which is probably a mustard yellow for me.  I wish I could find a furniture website like this! And a makeup site! Healthy food! Beer! etc...

Here's what it found for me:

Photo credit: Diane Von Furstenburg dress, Talbots cardigan, YSL peeptoe shoes, courtesy of

Fantastic! Also, if any item is out of your price range, you can look at "visually similar items."

Sorry guys, all of your clothes are similar, in standard sizes, and available every season, so there's no website for you. I'm sure you don't mind.  :)

"Everything in its right place"