Monday, January 24, 2011

Things I hate 1/24/2011

Every so often, I make a list of things that I hate, simply as an act of meditation. Looking back, I have stats on what I hated the most often, and maybe to what degree.  I don't think it really means anything in the big scheme of things, except that I can fully mature into an adult versus keeping my inner 14 year old close.

So the things I hate:

  1. Advertising fluff, or actually fluff of any kind unless it's part of a dessert.  In that case, I'll take two.
  2. Dry, dry air. Regular dry air is essential for good hair days. 
  3. Ear stretchers that are at least the size of your eyes. I can't properly interact with anything that looks like a humanoid insect.
  4. Pleather wallets. This is not an area to skimp. Cloth or leather please.
  5. Clothes from brands like Free People. There seems to be a serious lack of clothing if you're body type isn't "fairy  sprite" or made for mom-jeans.
  6. Incompetence.
  7. Slow elevators.
  8. Negative emotion stemming from incompetence.
  9. Slow drivers. More accurately, drivers who are checking out the scenery in the left lane. Hello?!
  10. Businesses that tempt customers with costumes on the side of the road (get some dignity Liberty Tax). 

I'm really not sure how much I hate the last one. The Liberty Tax person was dancing outside - or maybe shivering in the 18 degree weather, I couldn't tell when I blew by at 40 mph.
On the flip side, I definitely have a thing for giant balloon floats in parking lots.
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