Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 Blind, Deaf, Body-less Mice, See How They Hide

We are so lucky in that our cats like the cheapest entertainment. They have spent time chasing, chewing, and storing:
Spinach leaves
Used Q-tips
Crumbled up Post-Its

You get the idea. On occasion, we buy them fake mice toys, and dole them out based on number of accessible fake mice vestiges in the house. "Vestige" loosely meaning anything from a toy shard to the mouse fully accessorized with ears and a tail. See figure 1 below:

Circle of Life: Photo by me
Starting from the top, we have a new mouse from the 12 pack I bought. If you go clockwise, you can see that the mice lose their bits until nothing but a mouse head shell remains. 

I imagine that the cats are running a torture squad or mafia when we're at work, as sometimes we'll find mice appendages in our bags or in the litter box. They would certainly have the time and the means.

Other mice have made their way in places that can only be described as "savings accounts," as one might find several carcasses in the same area. Uncovering the stash causes our cats to express several simultaneous emotions, such as, "Oh boy!" and "Oh no, 'other kitty' will get them first!" 

Or maybe Mr. Mouse had a deal to settle, and it's about to get real...